Saturday, November 22, 2008


I went out at mid-day and did my duty. I cleaned his stall and his buckets and let him out in the all-weather turn-out while I worked. There were no other horses out at all so he had no one to run with so he just nibbled on whatever grass he could find, which isn't much in Ohio in late November. Only a little dusting of snow on the ground. The temp was about 29 but the thermometer in the barn was at 32. I used a rake and pulled a ton of icky old cobwebs down from the rafters in his stall. I HATE spiders so that is not my favorite job. I figured today they were either dead or at least slow enough due to the temp. I watched Princess Skittles the barn kittie torture a mouse. She's kind of evil about that. No one else was at the barn and I hate riding when there's no one around to hear you fall, PLUS I realized half-way there that I didn't have my cell with me, also not the safest of situations So he got another day off. Spoiled brat. I wonder what he thinks about this weather. It's only his second winter north of Texas.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 49 degrees so hopefully there will be some more activity and he'll feel like working. I am almost done writing my final exam. I have a few more images I need to get off of my work computer on Monday morning and it'll be done. Then that final is Monday afternoon, one more final to give on Tuesday afternoon and I'm off for the long holiday weekend. Hopefully it warms up a little. Is it spring yet?

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