Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Horse I Bought

I don't know what KAT did to him this week, but tonight Junior was once again the horse that I bought. He was so soft, supple, calm, relaxed, framed, attentive. There were something like 10 horses in that little arena and most of them were very little kids who don't work traffic very well so we had to be extra conscientious about what we were doing. I still needed to keep on him when he got passed by another horse, but he was totally listening to me! We had a few tiny little moments where I had to demand his head, but they were not bad. I also noticed that I had no trouble keeping him on the rail. I guess I haven't noticed how much better he's been at that until I was in a crowded ring with a bunch of kids whose legs barely passed the saddle on old school horses who cut ALL the corners.

There were lots of parents watching their kids and I heard some nice comments as I went by. I was so proud to be on that horse tonight. THIS is the horse that I was looking for and know I found. It's so nice to have him back!

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