Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do these jeans make my butt look big? YES.

So the fleece lined jeans are quite comfortable and I'm sure they are nice and toasty, but holy cow are they the most unflattering things EVER! I'm not really surprised or anything, but don't expect me to wear those ANYWHERE but the barn. I had to order a pair because the ones they sent to the store were only a 32" inseam and I much prefer a 34". I realize I'm only 5' 4" but there is a time and a place for high-water pants and it's at a beach, not on a horse.

I exchanged the halter for the same kind in a different color. I went back and forth about what one to buy. I ended up with the same one with slightly larger-backed rivets, hopefully this is the "improvement" that Weaver spoke of in their email to me. If this one falls off I will NOT buy the same one again. I almost bought a brown and plaid one of a different kind but it seemed a little cheap with only two-ply nylon and a loosely woven plaid overlay. Instead of the "teal" I got the "sage" so no one will probably notice it's different, but it does look more handsome than his old "my little pony" colored one. I'm keeping it in my tackbox, though so he doesn't wear it in turnout. I think he spends half his turnout time rolling because the last one was really dirty. I'll leave his leather one there for turnout. Probably safer with leather in turnout anyway. I might take the leather one to the shoe repair shop in town and see if they can shorten the noseband for me. That'll make it fit nicely. Of course, if the repair would cost as much as a new halter of the same kind I'd probably just buy a new one. Not sure how much those things run.

Anyway I showered him with treats and hugs and kisses and led him around the arena, playing with setting him up. I was never good at that anyway and he just doesn't seem to want to stand with his back legs square. When I showed arabs we just left one back stretched out so it was okay. I'm not even going to attempt to try to train him for showmanship yet, though. Let's aim for HUS or Hunter Pleasure first. Though at the rate he's going he might just be ready for WP this summer, too! We'll just have to see. I'm not ready to set those kind of goals for us just yet!

I didn't actually feel like riding because of the weather. I was the only person in either of the two front barns and I don't really like riding when noone is around so I gave him the day off. He didn't want me to leave it seemed, but I think he just wanted to go out and not be left in the stall another day. We'll see if I can get out there tomorrow or not. Lesson on Tuesday.


  1. LOL--that's funny about the fleece-lined jeans!! Don't think I'll be wearing those anytime soon. I have three pairs of the winter sport riding pants from Kerrits. I bought them at an end of the season sale last Spring. Love 'em. Those fleece jeans do sound comfy though. :):)

  2. Heya!! Glad he is doing so well!! I figured that I would just drop you a line and let you know that I got that paperwork sent in, so hopefully in the next week you should be getting it back.

    I sent On Star to New York to a trainer out there to start him. The ones in Columbus that I was going to take him to decided to get a divorce. So sometime when I am in C-bus I will have to plan to come over and watch you ride. I want to see the progress!!

    Take care!