Sunday, November 9, 2008


I guess lifting all those tubs of heavy wet yuck from the ground up to the top of the honey-wagon use some muscles that have been dormant. I've got all kinds of pain in all kinds of weird asymmetrical places. Guess I won't do that again without help. Riding today is going to be a bit ouchie.

First I'm headed to Rods to exchange the broken halter and try on some new FLEECE LINED JEANS with my riding buddy! They sound awesome! I only really remember one day last winter that I was uncomfortably cold, but I ride a lot more than once a week now so I'm sure there'll be more days. Plus the lesson barn/arena were on the other side of the facility and were connected. Now the barn I'm in requires a 20' walk outside to get to the arena so the arena probably doesn't stay warm at all. I'll be trying for as many day rides as I can this winter. Luckily my class schedule requires me to teach only Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can ride three afternoons a week and spend the dark cold evenings working....getting paid a salary has it's perks!

Here's Jr volunteering to pose with his new stall nameplate. Gee I wish they'd let me repaint my stall..... kinda looks a little jank.

And here he is modeling his jacket and smiling for you!

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